Astronomy Sites and Utilities

  • Astronomy Picture Of The Day. Discover the cosmos one day at a time.
  • Being proudly Canadian I couldn't forget a link to Canadian Space Agency. Canada provides the robotic arms for the Shuttle and now the Space Station.
  • ESA shows you the efforts of the European Space Agency and future missions.
  • Google Satellite Database is the KMZ file used for Google Earth that will display in realtime an amazing amount of satellites in orbit around the earth. In addition you can also click on them to get more information on the specific satellite, including viewing its orbit trajectory. Another wonderful tool from Google for the geek in everyone.
  • Google Sky is where you can view the sky just like the Google Maps interface. With added ability to overlay how the sky looks like in Infrared, Micowave and Historical (each view has a slider to make the view transparent so you can see the visible as well). Good job Google.
  • Hubble Site is a great place to see anything to do with the Hubble (from new discoveries to an astronomy reference page). Always facinating and beautiful.
  • Track the International Space Station with this simple tool ...
  • JPL shows you all the robotic explorations that the US has and is proposing. I wonder if you need a drivers license to drive one of the Mars Rovers???
  • NASA gives you an insite into everything NASA has been up to and projects for the future. Now if they only made it possible for an ordinary person to be able to go on a trip.
  • NASA Images is a huge collection of historic photographs, film and video (earth, the solar system and the universe). The site allows you to search by year or by project ... totally amazing.
  • Project Apollo Archives gives you a wonderful look back into the history of Apollo with images, multimedia, spacecraft, maps and even a Lunar Lander Simulator.
  • Sloan Digital Sky Survey is a huge project to map over a quater of the sky and to provide a 3-dimensional map of about a million galaxies and quasars. WOW!
  • Calculate The Speed Of Light by watching Io being eclipsed by Jupiter. Pretty amazing for someone to figure out in 1676.
  • The Sun In Motion gives you some amazing pictures of our nearest neighbour.
  • World Wide Telescope allows your computer to act as a virtual telescope with this application from Microsoft. Their attempt to catch up to Google Sky.
  • Your Sky gives you 3 simple tools to display the sky overhead, sky from the horizontal and a virtual telescope tracker. Good enough to give you a rough view of what is up overhead.

Vista Sidebar Gadgets

     As part of learning to use Microsoft Windows Vista, I've been writing varioius Sidebar Gadgets

Yahoo Widgets

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