This page contains links to our boat, various sailing sites and sailing software utilities.

  • Since Janet and I live on a island she got the great idea to buy a sailboat so we could have fun. We were able to find a great little 22' sailboat with all the attachments. Our boat is the Zephyrus named after the Greek God Of The West Wind. It is an older MacGregor V222 sailboat and it is a great little boat to start to learn on.

    Here is our happy little boat on the trailer in the parking lot.

    Captain Janet checking out the insides of the boat.

    The day we got the boat in the water.

    Under sail power.

    Here am I playing captain.

    A good profile shot as I try and plan out the route.

    The real captain of the boat ... Janet.

    Janet hanging on to the mast as we hit a few waves.

    Janet and Vicky in control of the boat.

    Vicky and I looking for wind.

    Janet on the bow looking back to her crew.

Zephyrus sailing videos

See the GPS routes of the trips:

Bringing Spirit Of Freedom Back From Tahsis. The trip was 311 nautical miles over 6 long days. We saw whales, seals, dolphins, sea lions and all sorts of other wildlife. The weather went from 24 ft swells to no wind, but every minute was just great.

To actually feel comfortable sailing I took a basic CYA Basic Cruising Course and here are the GPS routes for the different days
  • Animated Knots is a site I visit often to figure out how to tie knots since I never learnt when I was younger. A great site which offers so much more than just sailing knots.
  • Beaufort Scale contains some good information about wind.
  • Big Wave Dave Latest Wind Reports contains the latest wether reports from weather stations around southern BC (nothing in Howe Sound yet, but it does give you and idea where the wind is).
  • How to sail is where I learnt some of the basic ideas on how to sail. Although it is good, it doesn't compare to the real thing.
  • How to sail video's are 17 simple video's that give you a little bit of an idea of some of the basic sailing manouvers.
  • MacGregor Boating Home gives you some general information about MacGregor sail boats.
  • MacGregor Owners gives you information about MacGregor sail boats.
  • National Geographic Sailing Simulator gives you the opportunity to see how fast you can sail a boat by controlling the rudder and the sail.
  • SailFlow - Weather Where You Sail has lots of useful weather information including some forecast ... although like any forecast is sometimes completely wrong.
  • Sailing WIKI provides a wealth of information in our quest to learn to sail.
  • USA Keelboat information provides information about keelboats.
  • Volvo Ocean Race - Life at the extreme in this 9 month round the world race. I don't think I'm ready for this, but it is facinating to watch ... can't wait for the 2011-2012 race to start.

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